£18 million fund to tackle 6 biggest themes in brain tumor research launched today

The Cancer Research UK Brain Tumour Awards* have been launched in partnership with The Brain Tumour Charity today (Tuesday).

The aim of the awards is to help advance our understanding about the biology of the disease and the challenges translating discoveries into treatments.

Research teams can now apply for grants up to £10 million for each project over five years. Up to £18 million will be awarded in the first round.

These are the largest awards specifically designed for brain tumour research in the UK, which encourage multidisciplinary approaches from scientists. The aim is to accelerate research in a bold and innovative way that would not be possible through traditional funding schemes.

Cancer Research UK has committed £15 million to the Brain Tumour Awards, and The Brain Tumour Charity has committed £3 million.

Dr Iain Foulkes, Cancer Research UK’s executive director of research and innovation, said: “We urgently need new insights and treatments to tackle brain tumours to improve survival. We want to attract and inspire the research community to accelerate progress for a disease that has seen few treatment options developed for patients and consequently little change in survival.”

The Brain Tumour Awards address six major themes:



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