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Researchers here report on a gene variant associated with reduced incidence of metabolic disease, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. The mechanism of action is a reduced uptake of glucose (and thus calories) in the gut. The estimated effect size over decades of life based on the short term data gathered is large: a reduction of a third in mortality risk. That is sizable enough for me to think that the study needs replication before taking it at face value, but it is thought-provoking nonetheless.

metabolic diseasetype 2 diabetesheart diseaseglucose

One thing to consider while reading this paper is that gene variants of this nature may help to pin down the plausible scope of benefits that could result from beneficial alterations to gut microbial populations. Differences in these microbial populations is a more commonplace way in which glucose uptake and many other aspects of the interaction between diet and health can differ between individuals. It is an area of increasing research interest, though of course the potential benefits pale beside those that can be realized through rejuvenation biotechnologies after the SENS model.

gut microbial populationsan area of increasing research interestrejuvenation biotechnologies after the SENS model

After ingestion, complex carbohydrates are enzymatically broken down


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