Fight Aging!

Platitudes spoken after the death of elderly friend have a way of turning into justifications for that death. This is flip side of the “fair innings” argument that is used fairly openly these days in rationed medical systems to direct resources away from providing treatments to the old. You have lived, now get along and die. Or perhaps it is a little of the old evolved conservatism in human nature, the urge to conformity: everyone else is dying, why not you? Or perhaps this is entwined with ageism, that older people are worth some fraction of a younger individual for whatever justification makes the everyone feel better about themselves. Even the older people go along with this, which is a shame. A death at any age is just as much a loss, and in this era of nascent rejuvenation biotechnology, members of the research and development community could be achieving far more than is currently the case to improve health and reduce mortality in old age.

“fair innings” argumentused fairly openly these daysevolved conservatism in human natureageismolder people go along with thisrejuvenation biotechnology

You’re probably familiar with the feeling of slight disappointment that you may have when a good thing –


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