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If you have been following the development of mitochondrially targeted antioxidants as a potential therapy to modestly slow aging, you might find this open access paper interesting. MitoQ is one of the readily available compounds, with SkQ1 as the other. My impression from the papers is that SkQ1 and closely related plastoquinones have a larger effect size on life span in animal studies, but it still isn’t more than a fraction of that produced by calorie restriction.

mitochondrially targeted antioxidantsMitoQSkQ1plastoquinonescalorie restriction

Mitochondrially targeted antioxidants appear to function by improving mitochondrial metabolism, but the most medically relevant effect observed so far is their ability to dampen the consequences of inflammation, particularly in inflammatory eye conditions. Inflammation and excessive levels of oxidative molecules go hand in hand. This same underlying mechanism may allow these compounds to reduce stiffness of blood vessels in older individuals, by reducing the impact of inflammation and the aged tissue environment on smooth muscle cells responsible for contraction and dilation. A human trial of MitoQ produced interesting data on this front. The paper here looks at a broader range of biomarkers and outcomes.

mitochondrialmetabolismparticularly in inflammatory eye conditionsstiffness of blood vesselssmooth muscle cellshuman trial of MitoQbiomarkers

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