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Cognitive ability has many different dimensions. While all decline with age, it is quite possible for any given individual to find them declining at different rates and at different times, according to the individual distribution of damage and atrophy in the brain. The research noted here illustrates one of many links between a particular cognitive function and a particular location in the brain. In most cases we can look at this sort of evidence and consider that it would be very helpful to have a way to (a) spur greater generation of new cells in the brain, that can integrate into tissues, repair areas of damage, and restore lost function, and (b) clear out the protein aggregates and other forms of metabolic waste associated with the progression towards neurodegenerative disease.

Cognitive abilitygreater generation of new cellsclear outprotein aggregatesneurodegenerative disease

Older adults appear more easily distracted by irrelevant information than younger people when they experience stress or powerful emotions – and a specific network in the brain recently identified as the epicenter for Alzheimer’s and dementia may be to blame. A study finds that seniors’ attention shortfall is associated with the locus coeruleus, a tiny region of the brainstem that connects to


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