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This is an interesting and welcome development; a group independent of the SENS Research Foundation and its scientific network has chosen of their own accord to work on one of the LysoSENS rejuvenation research programs. This sort of thing is a sign of progress, a point at which newcomers turn up out of the blue and pitch in with no prompting required. The team is in the early stages of assessing bacterial species for their ability to break down 7-ketocholesterol, a form of metabolic waste important in aging. Cells struggle to degrade this and similar forms of oxidized lipids, and a faster progression of atherosclerosis is one of the numerous consequences. The next step for the team is to identify the specific enzymes employed by promising bacterial species, and assess them for potential use as the basis for a therapy.

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Intrinsic insufficiencies in cellular catabolism and transport, particularly in post-mitotic and senile cells, lead to the build up of specific compounds that exert deleterious effects on cellular function and viability. One example of accumulation of pathogenic compounds is the formation of transformed oxysterols that exhibit cytotoxicity towards mammalian cells and are shown to participate in the pathogenesis


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