An Interview on the Unknowns of the Epigenetic Clock

The Life Extension Advocacy Foundation volunteers have a stack of interview materials piled up from the recent Undoing Aging conference, I’ll wager. Today they published a lengthy interview with Steve Horvath, originator of one of the epigenetic clocks that assess age based on patterns of DNA methylation. I have to say that it is a pleasure to see so many researchers now willing to talk openly about therapies for aging and their hopes for the future of the field. For so very many years that just didn’t happen; no researcher was willing to speak in public on the topic of treating aging as a medical condition and extending healthy life.

Life Extension Advocacy FoundationUndoing Aging conferenceSteve Horvathepigenetic clocksDNA methylationthat just didn’t happen

When I first become interested in this field, the research and funding institutions that dominated the study of aging were quite hostile towards anyone who wanted to intervene in the aging process and thereby produce longer lives in patients. Thankfully, times have certainly changed since then, and for that we can thank the hard-working community of advocates, scientists, and philanthropists who have since the turn of the century built funding and support for rejuvenation biotechnology, and for the transformation of


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