An Interview with a Buck Institute Neuroscientist

This short, interesting interview is with one of the Buck Institute neuroscience researchers with an interest in cellular senescence as a component of degenerative aging. Exhibited here is perhaps the most optimism that I recall seeing in public comments from any of the Buck Institute faculty – but if I were involved in cellular senescence research, I’d be fairly optimistic as well. This part of the field is progressing rapidly, producing solid evidence of the association of cellular senescence with the development of age-related disease, and of the benefits that can be obtained by removing these unwanted cells.

Buck Institutecellular senescenceremoving these unwanted cells

The field seems to have agreed upon nine hallmarks of aging, do you believe it is feasible for us to one day be able to treat all of them?

Ten years ago I would have wondered how feasible this was, but based on the progress that has been made in the last few years I do think it is plausible that we will be able to address each of those pillars of aging and that by addressing these underlying mechanisms that drive aging we are going to be able to treat age-related disease. I think we have


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