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Following the launch of Repair Biotechnologies, and since I’ll be at the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation’s one-day conference, Ending Age-Related Disease, this coming July in New York, I recently answered a few questions and offered a few opinions for the LEAF volunteers. That interview was published yesterday. Regular readers here at Fight Aging! are no doubt all too familiar with many of those opinions already, since I’m not exactly what one might call reticent about putting them forward, but it never hurts to check.

launch of Repair BiotechnologiesLife Extension Advocacy Foundation’sEnding Age-Related Disease

Thanks to the efforts of many advocates, yours included, public perception of rejuvenation is also shifting. How close do you think we are to widespread acceptance?

I don’t think acceptance matters – that might be the wrong term to focus on here. Acceptance will occur when the therapies are in the clinic. People will use them, and everyone will conveniently forget all the objections voiced. The most important thing is not acceptance but rather material support for development of therapies. The help of only a tiny fraction of the population is needed to fund the necessary research to a point of self-sustained development, and that is the important


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