An Update on Immune System Recreation as a Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

The destruction of near all immune cells followed by cell therapy to speed recreation of the immune system is a fairly harsh procedure, as the only way to clear a sufficiently high fraction of immune cells at the moment is essentially a form of chemotherapy. It is an effective treatment for autoimmune conditions, however, albeit with a significant risk of death, in line with that for many major surgeries. This makes it suitable in its current form only for more severe autoimmune disorders in which the patients tend to be younger and more robust, but with a very poor prognosis. In past years researchers have demonstrated considerable success with multiple sclerosis, and the article here provides an update on ongoing trials. The results continue to be impressive.

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In the future, the chemotherapy approach will be replaced with more targeted, less harmful methods of selective cell destruction – consider the Oisin Biotechnologies cell destruction technology turned against immune system markers, for example. More gentle cell destruction methodologies will make immune system recreation viable as a way to rejuvenate aged immune systems, even in very old, frail individuals, clearing out all


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