Arizona bioscience community honors two of TGen's top scientists

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Oct. 3, 2018 — Two top scientists from the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of the City of Hope, will be honored today at the 2018 AZBio Awards at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Dr. Daniel D. Von Hoff, TGen Distinguished Professor and Physician-In-Chief, will receive the Arizona Bioscience Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement. Dr. Von Hoff is being recognized for a career that includes pioneering new treatments for some of the deadliest cancers, his leadership of prestigious organizations, his mentorship of generations of physician researchers, and his work with innovative companies that share his passion for developing new treatment options for patients.

Dr. Michael E. Berens, TGen Professor, Deputy Director for Research Resources, and Director of the Cancer and Cell Biology Division, is the Jon W. McGarity Arizona Bioscience Leader of the Year. Dr. Berens is being honored for his leadership and his contributions to building the coalitions that have shaped Arizona’s bioscience industry.

“Without question, Drs. Von Hoff and Berens are worthy of this much deserved recognition from AZBio. In terms of patient care, Dr. Von Hoff is second to none. Their contributions to medicine and science over the decades, in particular their careers at TGen, have


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