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The firm distinction made between aging and age-related disease is a modern phenomenon, a product of the way in which the regulation of medical research and development has progressed. It wasn’t so very long ago, considered in the grand scheme of things, that much of dementia and cardiovascular disease were thought parts of aging, prior to the ability to accurately map and categorize specific biological manifestations of aging. Present regulatory systems are set up to approve (a) the existence of clearly defined and bounded medical conditions based more on their biochemistry than their epidemiology, and (b) treatments narrowly applied to one approved condition. The result is a slow slicing of aging into a potentially endless series of named conditions, as each small piece of the enormously complex end state of decline is defined and given a name. This implicitly favors the poor strategy of trying to control narrow parts of the complicated end stage of disease, pretending they are isolated when in fact they are not, and makes it harder to pursue the much better strategies of either prevention or ways to repair and reverse the root causes of aging.

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Aging and age-related disease are clearly not


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