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Aubrey de Grey, cofounder of the Methuselah Foundation and SENS Research Foundation, has little patience for those people who persist in clinging to the idea that it is in any way acceptable to let the death and suffering caused by aging continue. If we lived in a world in which there was nothing we could do, then perhaps accepting aging would be the sensible thing to do. But we do not. We live in a world in which the first rejuvenation therapies capable of reversing a root cause of aging, the accumulation of senescent cells, are entering human trials. Numerous other classes of potential rejuvenation therapy are well described, well understood, and only lacking sufficient financial support to move forward at the same pace. Aging and all of its consequences can be brought under medical control: all that is needed is the will and the funding to move ahead and get the job done.

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Having publicly declared that the first person to live for more than a millennium is likely alive today, de Grey has dedicated large amounts of energy


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