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The practice of calorie restriction slows aging in near all species and lineages tested to date. It produces significant health benefits in humans. Unfortunately the gain in life span scales down as species life span scales up. While calorie restriction extends maximum life span in mice and median life span in short-lived, small primates by 40% or more, it is not likely to have an effect size of more than five years when it comes to human life spans. That said, calorie restriction is by far the most robust and well tested of the few means available to adjust life span. Is it, however, as the authors of this paper would have it, the “most reasonable anti-aging intervention?”

calorie restrictionsignificant health benefits in humansscales downin short-lived, small primatesmore than five years

Reliability is good, but size of effect is also important. Calorie restricted individuals still age and die on much the same schedule as the rest of us, just a fraction less rapidly. Good health practices can’t add decades to life: three quarters of the healthiest people are dead by age 90, even given access to the best of medical technology over the course of the past half century. Calorie restriction, like


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