Calorie Restriction Better than Exercise in Slowing the Age-Related Onset of Inflammation in the Brain

All age-related neurodegenerative conditions appear in conjunction with rising levels of chronic inflammation. The immune system runs awry with age, and while the immune cells of the central nervous system are significantly different in type and character from those of the rest of the body, inflammation is still a major consequence of age-related immune failure. In turn, that inflammation accelerates other ongoing degenerative processes. Calorie restriction is the most reliable and well-studied way of modestly slowing aging, and here researchers demonstrate that it is more effective than exercise when it comes to postponing the rise of inflammation in the brain.

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Practicing both calorie restriction and regular exercise is a great idea, but only because these options are free. Calorie restriction results in sizable health benefits in humans, and even though it doesn’t extend human life spans by anywhere near the same proportion as is observed in mice, it is still something for nothing. But should be we supportive of research efforts that expend billions and decades on attempts to recreate slices of the calorie restriction response? Probably not, when that is a poor alternative to building rejuvenation therapies after the SENS model of


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