Calorie Restriction Boosts Intestinal Stem Cell Numbers and Improves Regeneration

Researchers here look at the effects of calorie restriction on the stem cell populations that support intestinal tissue. There is plenty of evidence for calorie restriction to improve stem cell activity in other tissues, not to mention aiding many other mechanisms relevant to health. The practice of calorie restriction is very broadly beneficial. It slows aging over the long term, and in the short term improves near all measures of health. Despite the similarities in short term effects between mice and humans, however, it is the case that human life spans are not extended by anywhere near as much as those of mice. The evolutionary argument for this outcome involves the length of seasonal famine in comparison to length of life: the degree to which life spans are plastic in response to circumstances depends on the usual length of adverse circumstances. A mouse requires a much greater proportional extension of life to pass through a seasonal famine into a time of plenty again, and so that greater extension is selected for.

calorie restrictionstem cellimprove stem cell activityby anywhere near as muchselected for

Years of research have demonstrated that existing on a calorie restricted diet can boost healthy lifespan, reducing the risk


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