Last Wednesday I attended the Buck Institute’s workshop on AI and Longevity, where speakers from several different organizations discussed how they were using machine learning to advance different aspects of medical discovery. Uses for AI in aging include creating new drugs, finding new uses for existing drugs, and discovering new biomarkers–all of which are important…

TIL that one of my favorite condiments, Liquid Smoke, is basically just like eating advanced glycation end products (AGEs). That and other gems can be found in Buck Institute researcher Pankaj Kapahi’s seminar on metabolism and aging, here. here Our very own James Peyer talks about the trajectory of the anti-aging field at TEDxStuttgart. Also see Fight…

Buck faculty Gordon Lithgow, PhD, joins a group of prestigious scientists interviewed by correspondent Barry Petersen in a CBS Sunday

This video highlights the Buck Institute K-12 Educational Outreach program. Featured here are many events both inside the Buck and

Dr. Melov collaborated on a paper in Science Translational Medicine which shows that massage therapy reduces inflammation and promotes the

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