Part of a series on the Hallmarks of Aging. Proteins don’t do everything in your body, but it’s fair to say they control everything. What they don’t do directly, they catalyze. Proteins handle everything from copying DNA, to stabilizing a neuron’s physical structure, to turning starch into sugar. If something goes wrong in the body,

At its most dramatic, oxidative stress can rend DNA in two and predispose cells to mutations that ultimately result in cancer. But the less bombastic effects of reactive oxygen molecules are no less damaging, as they likely play a central role in the world’s number one killer, vascular disease, causing stroke and heart attack among

Just like a well-folded sheet of paper, a tightly coiled segment of DNA doesn’t have much chance of being read. Our cells use this to their advantage, unspooling the genes they need at the moment with negatively charged acetyl groups, and using ‘eraser’ enzymes that remove these groups to roll up the instructions they don’t…

Many people think of sleep almost as if it were a state of suspended animation, like turning off a computer so that it can cool down. But while your conscious mind and certain activities are dormant, much of your body is hard at work repairing damage, replenishing energy stores, and clearing away waste, in addition…

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