Jerry Shay, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, presenting at Undoing Aging 2019

Camilo Colaco, CSO of the ImmunoBiology Ltd, presenting at Undoing Aging 2018

Vera Gorbunova, University of Rochester, presenting at Undoing Aging 2018

Nichola Conlon, Founder and CEO of Nuchido presenting at Undoing Aging 2018

Doug Ethell, founder and CEO of Leucadia Therapeutics, presenting at undoing Aging 2018

Chandan Sen, Director of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Wound Center and Director of the Ohio State University’s Center for

Matthew Scholz, founder and CTO of Immusoft at Undoing Aging 2018

Steve Horvath, Professor, Human Genetics and Biostatistics David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, at Undoing Aging 2018

John Lewis, CSO of Oisin Biotechnologies, presenting at Undoing Aging 2018

Mike West at Undoing Aging 2018

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