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Large swathes of cellular biochemistry remain comparatively unexplored and uncategorized. Any process or cellular component discovered in the past twenty to thirty years still has, at the very least, sizable gaps in the body of knowledge relating to it. Cells as a whole are by no means fully understood at the detail level – and this is exactly why, if we want to see significant progress towards human rejuvenation in the next few decades, the approach taken has to be to reverse the known root causes of aging, while tampering as little as possible with the way in which cells work, and let the cells take care of everything else. Other approaches are based on altering the way in which cells operate. These require far too much new work and new knowledge in order to safely implement, or even understand how to produce effective results.

reverse the known root causes of agingbased on altering the way in which cells operate

Today’s topic is circular RNA (circRNA), a form of RNA quite prevalent in cells, but that was only discovered in the 1990s. These molecules are highly varied in form and function, and what exactly those functions might be remains largely unknown. Interestingly,


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