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Reduced cravings for cigarettes: after 12-hours without a cigarette, smokers rated their craving at 68 out of 100. After smoking a cigarette this reduced to 20. With both vaping products and iQOS it fell to only 40. Independent study by University of Leuven

Thailand the worst country to be a vaper. UK the best. A survey of national organisations of nicotine consumers found Thailand, Australia and India the most restrictive countries on e-cigarette use.

Health improves for smokers who switch to vapour alternatives. A clinical study funded by PMI shows improvement in eight health measures for smokers who had used its used IQOS for six months.

Smokers switching to vapour products get health benefits comparable to entirely quitting. This clinical study looking at biomarkers in smokers switching to heat not burn vapour products. The results for IQOS and glo were similar to those found in smokers who quit. Study funded by BAT.

Hardly any youth vapers have never smoked: Study found only 0.3% of US youth who had never smoked were frequent users of e-cigarettes. Study by Konstantinos Farsalinos.

Hardly any adult vapers have never smoked. A survey of 4,058 Greek adults found 32.6% were smoking. More than half


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