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Ichor Therapeutics is the most mature of the US-based companies that have emerged from the SENS rejuvenation research community in recent years. You might recall a number of interviews back in the Fight Aging! Archives with founder and CEO Kelsey Moody. He has his own take on how our community should proceed from laboratory to clinic: he is very much in favor of demonstrating (a) that the formal regulatory path offered by the FDA can work for the treatment of aging, and (b) that – given the right strategic approach – rejuvenation therapies can attract the attention, collaboration, and backing of Big Pharma entities in the medical development marketplace. Indeed, he holds that this is a vital transition for the community to make.

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As a step towards this goal, Ichor has recently gained the support of long-standing industry veteran Cornelis (Cees) Wortel, who is aiding the company in the role of Chief Medical Officer. He has advised on and guided near two hundred clinical trials in his career, and is now focused on helping Ichor’s therapies to achieve success in the regulatory pipeline. Here, he writes on some of the subtleties inherent


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