Correlating Hair Graying and Cardiovascular Disease

Whenever one looks at correlations discovered between manifestations of aging, it is worth bearing in mind that it is easy to find these correlations, but hard to show that they are in any way meaningful. Aging is caused by a few comparatively simple processes of damage accumulation that spread out into a vast, complicated, branching tree of interacting secondary and later consequences. Aging is complicated because our biology is very complicated, not because its causes are especially complicated. This spreading out from common roots means that many parts of aging proceed at fairly similar rates in any given individual. That can be true even if those correlated portions of aging have little connection to one another aside from that same root cause, all the way down beneath many layers of cause and effect.

comparatively simple processes of damage accumulation

Aging is a complex process that affects all of us. All organs undergo a series of age related changes, in which the vascular system is prominent. Hair graying is one of the natural aging processes. Although it is generally not a medical problem, it greatly concerns many people for aesthetic reasons. Because of the strong association between aging and hair graying, many


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