Eat those berries New study highlights foods good for the brain

Berries may do more than add sweetness and color to a morning bowl of cereal or yogurt. In fact, they may help to keep our brains sharp as we age.In a study that looked at the diet habits of more than 16,000 older women over a 15-year period, researchers found that those who consumed at least one half-cup of blueberries or at least one cup of strawberries each week had slower rates of cognitive decline. Specifically, when women were given various tests, including the ability to recall words or retell a story, the berries appeared to slow memory decline by up to 2½ years, according to lead author Elizabeth Devore, associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School.slow memory decline

The fact that diet intake was followed for such a long time is meaningful, as it’s long enough to also potentially impact the pathology of diseases that may begin in midlife, such as Alzheimer’s, explained Devore. Berries contain natural compounds known as anthocyanidins, which, in addition to contributing color to fruit, may help keep our brains in top shape through their


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