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We stand at the very beginning of the era of rejuvenation therapies. The first of those therapies, the repurposed chemotherapeutic pharmaceuticals called senolytics that can clear a fraction of senescent cells from aged tissue, exist but are not yet approved by regulators. They are not widely understood to provide a likelihood of benefit. While these therapies can be obtained, and some cost little as they are old enough to be generic, they are not exactly easily available for the average individual, someone without a background in the field as it stands today. Senolytics will likely not be approved by regulators until the mid 2020s, given the usual pace of the FDA and its peer organizations elsewhere in the world.

era of rejuvenation therapiesrepurposed chemotherapeutic pharmaceuticals called senolyticssenescent cellssome cost little

Thus there a lasting, hazy period of transition exists between the time at which a class of treatment is created and the time at which the first concrete implementation of that class is approved, well known, and widely available. It might be a decade or two in today’s regulatory environment – just look at the progression of stem cell therapies since the turn of the century. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and


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