Georgia State signs licensing agreement with DaZen Theranostics Inc. to develop cancer product

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Credit: Georgia State University

ATLANTA–Georgia State University has signed a licensing agreement with DaZen Theranostics Inc., a Delaware-based start-up company, to develop a product that can target cancer cells, function as a contrast agent to improve the visibility of cancer cells during diagnostic imaging and deliver a therapeutic drug to destroy cancerous cells.

The product will be based on a chemical compound that was created by Dr. Maged Henary, associate professor of chemistry at Georgia State. Henary’s chemical compound, a heptamethine cyanine also known to the scientific community as MHI-148, is already being used internationally in cancer imaging research. Henary developed the compound at Georgia State in collaboration with Dr. Leland W. K. Chung, formerly of Emory University and now founder of DaZen Theranostics Inc., and other scientists.

“The patented therapeutic technology from Emory and Georgia State University is a drug delivery system, consisting of a drug delivery vehicle that delivers highly effective chemotherapy exclusively into cancer cells,” said YuPing Cheng, chief executive officer of DaZen Theranostics Inc. “The therapeutic can target cancer cells with precision and re-sensitize the responses of drug-resistant cancer


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