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The International Longevity Center in the UK turns out interesting white papers every so often. Note that the organization is funded by a number of pensions and insurance companies, sizable business concerns whose long term success depends on (a) correctly predicting the future of human aging, and, (b) preventing the short term incentives of politicians and executives from steering them over a cliff. The first point requires research, and the second point requires presenting that research publicly and loudly. This is a time of great uncertainty for the pensions and life insurance industry, an era in which accelerated technological innovation in the medical life sciences makes prediction difficult in comparison to the state of affairs a few decades past. It is clear that life spans will leap upwards at some point, but when?

International Longevity Centerlife spans will leap upwards at some point

The latest white paper from the International Longevity Center runs the numbers to show that increasing life expectancy correlates with increased productivity in developed countries. The authors suggest that this results from a greater return on investment in education, in that educated people have more time in which to be productive following their education, and this tends to encourage


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