How to Plan and Carry Out a Simple Self-Experiment, a Single Person Trial of a Mitochondrially Targeted Antioxidant

This lengthy post walks through the process of setting up and running a self-experiment – a trial of one – with one of the various established mitochondrially targeted antioxidant compounds. Metrics are assessed beforehand and afterwards in order to shed some light on whether or not it worked, in the sense of improving one or more measures of cardiovascular health. The outline here is informed by a recently published small human trial of MitoQ, but cutting down the assessments to those that are cost-effective, easily carried out, and available without the aid of a physician.

mitochondrially targeted antioxidantrecently published small human trial of MitoQ

The purpose in publishing this outline is not to encourage people to immediately set forth to follow it. This post, like others in this series, is intended to illustrate how to think about self-experimentation in the matter of interventions that might help to improve health or turn back aspects of aging: set your constraints; identify likely approaches; do the research to fill in the necessary details; establish a plan of action; perhaps try out some parts of it in advance, such as the measurement portions, as they never quite work as expected; and most importantly identify whether or


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