Fight Aging!

One of the small paradoxes of aging is that older people are on balance more satisfied with this business of being alive, despite suffering a growing burden of the consequences of degeneration. A related paradox is that most people, if asked, will say that they want to age, decline, and die on the same schedule as their parents and grandparents. It is possibly the case that we humans are just not very good at the important things, the ideas and decisions that really matter. Conformity is more important than life. We readily sabotage the person that we will be a decade from now. Progress happens by accident, and we collectively random walk towards an incrementally better world because we are collectively incapable of taking the logical, direct path – whether that is towards an end to violence, an end to suffering, or an end to aging.

small paradoxes of aginggrowing burdenon the same schedule as their parents and grandparentsend to sufferingend to aging

Ask people if they would like to live longer, perhaps even much longer, so that they could have more time. Initially, they’ll say that the problem is quality, not quantity. Once you’ve convinced them to focus only on


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