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Calorie restriction modestly slows near every measure of aging, so it isn’t surprising to see it in action here. Putting that to one side, the interesting part of this paper is the new data on necroptosis, a form of programmed cell death recently enough discovered to receive little attention in comparison to other, similar cell fates. Necroptosis is inflammatory, and rising levels of chronic inflammation occur with aging, driving progression of many of the common age-related diseases. To what degree is this caused by necroptosis versus malfunction in the immune system versus senescent cells versus other causes? Time will tell. Based on research from past years, I’d guess that necroptosis will turn out to be significant as one of the mediating mechanisms linking excess fat tissue with chronic inflammation – there is evidence for cellular debris from dead fat cells to produce that outcome.

Calorie restrictionnecroptosisprogrammed cell deathmalfunction in the immune systemsenescent cellsexcess fat tissue with chronic inflammationcellular debris from dead fat cells

Aging is characterized by the progressive increase in chronic, low-grade inflammation termed “inflammaging,” which is believed to play an important role in the mechanism underlying aging. Necroptosis is a newly identified form of cell death that initiates an


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