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Researchers here report on two new senolytic compounds identified in the existing library of approved drugs, based on screening work in cell cultures. It is worth bearing in mind that drug candidates that demonstrate good results in cell culture quite often fail to show promise when tested in animals, so it is wise to be patient as new senolytics work their way through the research and development pipeline. There will be a lot more of this sort of thing in the years ahead, as ever greater amounts of funding pour into finding new ways to selectively destroy senescent cells. Any senolytic approach that removes a significant fraction of these cells will produce a degree of rejuvenation in older patients, and so the hunt for mechanisms has taken on something of the air of a gold rush. So far at least four different mechanisms for prompting the self-destruction of senescent cells are targeted by a dozen or more drug candidates, while immunotherapy and suicide gene therapy approaches also exist. This will be a very busy industry a few years from now, and that bodes well for the future of our health and longevity.

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