Ischemic Conditioning and Exercise as an Example of the Overlap Between Beneficial Stress Response Mechanisms

I point out this interesting open access paper not as a suggestion that anyone should consider trying remote ischemic conditioning – one should adopt some form of calorie restriction and greater levels of regular exercise before embarking upon fancier hobbies – but rather because it is illustrative of the degree to which common stress response mechanisms overlap. Heat, exercise, ischemia, and lack of nutrients all share some of the same channels of signal and response that lead to cells undertaking greater maintenance or building more robust tissue structures. That in turn means that we already have a fairly good idea of the plausible bounds on beneficial results when it comes to therapies that use pharmaceutical or other means to induce stress responses. They will be able to move people closer to the life trajectory of a very healthy, well maintained body, but more than that seems unlikely to be attained via this strategy.

remote ischemic conditioningcalorie restrictiongreater levels of regular exerciseischemia

Thirty years ago, researchers first discovered the phenomenon of ischemic pre-conditioning in an animal experiment. The seminal discovery that brief episodes of ischemia followed by reperfusion could significantly reduce myocardial infarct size gave rise to the area of myocardial protection


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