Journey to precision cancer treatment takes off with new passports tool

Cancer research and the future of precision cancer treatment will be accelerated by a new tool developed by scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute. The novel tool, called Cell Model Passports, acts as a central hub for the rapidly expanding number of cancer models, which are critically needed for cancer research.

The Passports accelerate and empower research by providing information on genome sequence data, key driver gene mutations and drug susceptibility for over 1,000 cancer cell models from 43 cancer types of 29 tissues, including lung, breast and colon. Importantly, the Cell Model Passports will be regularly updated with new cell models, genomic and functional datasets as they are generated.

Cell Model Passports, a user-friendly website described in Nucleic Acids Research, will enable cancer researchers in both academia and industry to not only access high quality raw and processed genomic and functional datasets but also to select the best model(s) for their research. Before now, finding the most relevant cancer model(s) has often been difficult and time consuming – the Passports will streamline this process.

Syd Barthorpe, joint first author at Sanger and co-curator of Cell Model Passports, said: “We are offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for cancer researchers. With Cell


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