Life Biosciences: David Sinclair Aims to be a Major Player in the Present Generation of Commercial Longevity Science

This article, unfortunately paywalled, is interesting to note as a mark of the now increasingly energetic expansion of commercial efforts in longevity science. David Sinclair has been building a private equity company to work in many areas relevant to this present generation of commercial longevity science; while I’m not sold on his primary research interests as the basis for meaningful treatments for aging, he is diversifying considerably here, including into senolytics, the clearance of senescent cells demonstrated to produce rejuvenation in animal studies. This sort of approach to business mixes aspects of investing and running a company; it allows a fair degree of flexibility if well run. For someone with comparatively easy access to large amounts of capital, it is a sensible choice. The obvious other example in our field is Juvenescence, Jim Mellon’s vehicle. We should expect to see many more entities of this nature arise as the message spreads that the first rejuvenation therapies actually work, and that treating aging as a medical condition is a viable near term goal.

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Life Biosciences LLC, the longevity startup founded by Harvard researcher David Sinclair


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