Lygenesis Aims to Transplant Liver Tissue into Lymph Nodes

For many organs, useful function is not all that dependent on shape and location in the body. In the case of filtration or chemical factory organs, such as the kidney and liver, many of the necessary tasks can be carried out in varied locations, not just the one that evolution resulted in, and can be carried out piecemeal by small sections of tissue. For example, some years ago researchers demonstrated that it is possible to place functional liver, kidney, and thymus tissue into lymph nodes and have that tissue function correctly. The tissue engineering community is now well into the decellularization and organoid phase of development, in which small sections of complex functional tissue can be grown from a cell sample, and donor tissues repopulated with a patient’s own cells. Why not grow organoids in lymph nodes, or place transplanted tissue into a patient’s lymph nodes, where they can do some good? This line of work is now being carried forward to the clinic by the staff at LyGenesis.

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LyGenesis, Inc. is an organ regeneration company enabling a patient’s own lymph nodes to be used as bioreactors to regrow


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