Methionine Restriction (and Calorie Restriction and Mimetics) Improve Endurance in Old Individuals by Boosting Capillary Formation

There was something of a blizzard of publicity materials today for work on calorie restriction mimetics and a mechanism of action by which they improve endurance in old mice, acting to increase the generation of capillaries in muscle tissue via stress response systems related to sirtuins and NAD+. Given the present commercial efforts relating to supplements that enhance NAD+ levels, and given that the people involved are the same as those who popularized sirtuin research and development some years ago, we’re probably in for at least a few years of hype related to these compounds and research into NAD+ in general.

calorie restriction mimeticscapillariessirtuinsNAD+present commercial efforts

It is worth remembering that nothing other than scientific knowledge emerged from all of the excitement surrounding sirtuins – well, that, and some people became wealthier by selling a company to GSK, but that research was later written off as not being a viable path to therapies. I’m not yet convinced that any excitement is justified in the present case either: ways to enhance NAD+ look little better than the past decade of ways to adjust sirtuin levels, and neither captures the full effect of calorie restriction. Marginal adjustments to the trajectory of aging are worth


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