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The beneficial effects of calorie restriction on health and longevity are well researched in mammals, but while a sizable fraction of those benefits are thought to be mediated via sensing of amounts of specific proteins such as methionine and cysteine, there is comparatively little investigation of protein restriction strategies – usually meaning a reduced dietary intake of one or more proteins, while overall calorie intake remains at the same level. Work in this part of the field is taking place, and shows extension of life span to some degree in rodent studies, but it has a long way to go to catch up to the breadth of research into calorie restriction.

calorie restrictionvia sensing of amounts of specific proteinsmethioninecysteine

Calorie restriction is, of course, not yet decisively proven to slow aging extend life in humans, through the existing data makes a strong argument for this to be the case. It isn’t expected to have much more than a five year effect on human life span, however. While the short term benefits of calorie restriction are similar in different mammalian species, the measured effects on longevity scale down with species life span. The reasons for this to be the case remain to be


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