Nectome Seeks to Commercialize Aldehyde ­Stabilized Brain Cryopreservation

You might recall that aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation was the approach that won the Brain Preservation Prize a few years back. The prize sought to encourage progress in the field, and particularly development of the means to proof high quality preservation of the fine molecular structure of brain tissue. Somewhere in there, the data of the mind is stored. Thus cost-effective preservation of that fine structure offers the chance at a renewed life in the future for the countless multitudes who will age to death prior to the advent of comprehensive rejuvenation biotechnology. It is welcome to see signs of greater research, development, and growth in the cryonics community.

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That said, this advance comes from the side of the community that is more interested in storing the pattern than the flesh. Their end goal for the more distant future is to scan the brain as though it were a recording, and then run an emulation of the stored mind in suitable software. This is creating a copy and discarding the original – not a wonderful outcome from my point of view. It is the same as death for the preserved


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