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The Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF) today awarded six new research grants totaling $1.85 million to leading academic institutions around the world. The goal of the funding is to improve current treatments for neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), an uncommon and poorly understood cancer, which occurs in the body’s hormone-producing cells.

“We are funding projects with the potential to be rapidly transitioned from bench to clinic because time is critical to patients with a rare and advancing cancer,” said Elyse Gellerman, NETRF chief executive officer. “NETRF looks to these funded scientists to help solve critical challenges faced by NET patients, families, and clinicians.”

“The translational and clinical projects we funded are exciting, ambitious, and diverse, and tackle fundamental problems in NETs, from finding novel and effective ways to block metastases, to creating new radionuclide therapies, and much needed experimental models,” said Effie Tzameli, Ph.D., NETRF director of research. “The outcomes of such work will transform our thinking about how NETs spread and develop resistance to treatment, and will help develop new treatments and innovative tools to test new therapies.”

The grants fund clinical, translational, and basic research in the United States, Australia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Two of the studies will work towards refining


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