Nicotinamide Supplementation Looks Little Better than Resveratrol in Mice

Hopefully the Fight Aging! audience recalls the years-long hype over resveratrol, driven by the self-serving processes that enabled investors in Sitris Pharmaceuticals to make a sizable profit at the expense of GSK, and supplement sellers to open up a new market for the credulous. The only meaningful results from all of that turned out to be an increased knowledge of the biochemistry of sirtuins, one very thin slice of the broad metabolic response to calorie restriction. Resveratrol and its ilk are not meaningful calorie restriction mimetics, and you are far better off cutting a few hundred calories from your daily intake or exercising a little more.

years-long hype over resveratrola sizable profit at the expense of GSKbiochemistry of sirtuinscalorie restrictionnot meaningful calorie restriction mimetics

In light of this history I think it is entirely appropriate to be skeptical of the current hype surrounding the role of NAD+ in metabolism, and the various precursor molecules that can increase levels of NAD+ when taken as dietary supplements. When compared with sirtuins and resveratrol, the publicity here involves many of the same people, similar for-profit companies engineering the news cycle, and the same area of cellular biochemistry, which is to say aspects of calorie restriction


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