North Texas Genome Center to provide massive DNA sequencing for regional biotech

IMAGE: Left to right: Todd Castoe, UTA biology professor and associate director of the Center and Jon Weidanz, UTA associate vice president for research and interim director of the new center,… view more 

Credit: UTA

The ability to rapidly sequence genomes, DNA and RNA is providing doctors, scientists and engineers critical new tools in healthcare delivery and research and changing the way that doctors treat patients. Whole genome sequencing is becoming the foundation for precision health, a rapidly growing field that examines differences in people’s genetic makeup to provide more personalized and effective healthcare solutions.

The University of Texas at Arlington, in partnership with the University of North Texas Health Science Center, is bringing massive genome sequencing capabilities to North Texas through the launch of the North Texas Genome Center housed on the UTA campus. In addition to enhancing healthcare delivery in Texas and the surrounding six-state region, the NTGC will provide important facilities to spur growth in the region’s rapidly expanding biotech sector.

“The opening of this new center is wonderful news for Tarrant County and will bring a real boost to our local economy,” said Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams. “By bringing together the science, engineering and nursing


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