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Oisin Biotechnologies is one of a number of companies to have emerged from our community in recent years, from the network of supporters and researchers connected to the Methuselah Foundation and SENS Research Foundation. The Oisin principals are working with a platform capable of selectively destroying cells based on the internal expression of specific proteins. Their initial targets are senescent cells, one of the root causes of aging, and cancerous cells, one of the consequences of aging. They will be taking a therapy for cancer into clinical trials initially, as it is somewhat less challenging to move viable cancer treatments through the regulatory process than is the case for many other conditions. This will allow them to prove out and iterate on the technology in preparation for later trials of a senolytic therapy capable of clearing near all senescent cells in near all tissues. In this video, taken at the Undoing Aging conference hosted by the SENS Research Foundation and Forever Healthy Foundation earlier this year, Oisin Biotechnologies CSO John Lewis talks about their technology and recent results.

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Good evening everybody. It’s a real pleasure to be here at this meeting; I


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