OncoDNA announces publication of peer-reviewed study in Oncotarget assessing the utility of its uniq

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Credit: Jean-François Laes, email: [email protected]

Gosselies, Belgium – April 17, 2018: OncoDNA (“OncoDNA or “the Company”), the healthcare technology company that collates and translates complex cancer biomarker data to make precision medicine a reality, is pleased to announce the publication of a study in the journal Oncotarget evaluating the utility of OncoDNA’s comprehensive biomarker analysis and interpretation services in clinical settings.

The study, published online today and titled “The clinical impact of using complex molecular profiling strategies in routine oncology practice“, found that combining advanced, comprehensive testing of cancer biomarkers with OncoDNA’s proprietary cancer treatment knowledge database can enable oncologists to make better treatment decisions for their patients. This is because OncoDNA’s testing combines immunohistochemistry, next generation sequencing (NGS), and other tests including inherited heart condition testing, DNA methylation, and microsatellite instability (MSI) testing, rather than the industry standard of NGS testing alone.

The study analysed samples from 1,057 late-stage and advanced grade cancer patients from over 30 different countries on four continents between January 2015


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