Paligenosis as a Potential Source of Methods to Target Many Types of Cancer with One Type of Therapy

The future of the treatment of cancer will be, must be, dominated by classes of therapy that can be easily and cost-effective applied to many different types of cancer. Such therapies can only exist as a result of targeting mechanisms that are shared by many or all types of cancer. It must also be challenging or impossible for cancerous cells to do without these mechanisms. The biggest issue in cancer research over the past few decades, in my opinion, is the specificity of therapies, the amount of time and resources poured into efforts to produce treatments that can only work on one type or a few types of cancer, and that often target mechanisms that cancerous cells in any given tumor can lose or replace. Cancers evolve rapidly, frantic growth coupled with a high rate of mutation. Cancer therapies that operate on replaceable mechanisms may just pressure the cancer to evolve in a new direction. There is only so much funding, only so many researchers, and only so much time. The work must be efficient if cancer is to be controlled within our lifetimes.

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