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The present day organization of medical practice and its regulation is built atop the infectious disease model, even where it engages with age-related diseases. Prevention is a comparatively thin thread in an industry largely focused on the strategy of waiting until there is a problem, then attacking the symptoms of that problem with every available tool, as aggressively as possible. This isn’t all that useful for age-related disease to start with, but it simply doesn’t work for a world in which rejuvenation therapies that can repair the damage that causes aging initially arrive in a prototype form and then grow more capable over time. In that world – our world! – prevention quickly becomes enormously important and effective, and should be prioritized accordingly. This will require major change in a large number of conservative, hidebound organizations and communities, and will no doubt proceed only slowly and reluctantly.

rejuvenation therapiesrepair the damage that causes aging

A mainstay of preventive medicine innovators and medical futurists has been the concept of longevity escape velocity (LEV). LEV represents the time at which someone is gaining greater than 1 year of predicted healthy life expectancy per year, essentially making his or her healthy life expectancy unlimited.


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