Queen Mary research forecasting the evolution of cancer

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London have developed a computer model that forecasts the changes that occur within tumours as they develop.

The research, published in the journal Nature Genetics, in the future aims to enable the prediction of the trajectory of tumour growth in patients, allowing clinicians to pre-empt disease course and tailor treatment regimens accordingly.

The model was developed in collaboration with researchers from Barts Cancer Institute’s Centre for Tumour Biology, led by Professor Trevor Graham, the Institute of Cancer research, led by Dr Andrea Sottoriva, and University College London, led by Dr Chris Barnes.

Professor Graham from Queen Mary’s Barts Cancer Institute said: “Forecasting of the future offers a real opportunity for clinical benefit that is based on anticipatory action.

“It would be a great advantage to know if a tumour is going to change in a certain way and so be able to administer the most effective treatment in light of the prediction. This work is in its infancy, and the possibilities that this research may have as it matures are very exciting.”

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