Reason Launches Repair Biotechnologies, a Venture to Bring Rejuvenation Therapies to the Clinic: Chief Scientist Sought

Starting a company is a sizable commitment, made in order to produce a better future. With this in mind I have founded Repair Biotechnologies, a new venture that will focus on the development of gene therapies relevant to human rejuvenation. My partner in this, Bill Cherman, is an investor in our rejuvenation research community. He has supported a number of interesting startup biotechnology companies in the past few years, including several that I’ve also helped in one way or another. Together we intend to carry forward some of the most promising advances produced by the scientific community, picking the best of the many lines of research relevant to human rejuvenation undertaken in recent years. Given even a cursory glance through the Fight Aging! archives, you’ll see that we are spoiled for choice: it is a great time to be working in this field.

gene therapies relevant to human rejuvenationBill Cherman

We are in search of a Chief Scientist! If you have a scientific background in gene therapy, experience in the field, and a taste for the biotechnology startup life, then give some thought to joining our team. The role is a hands-on Chief Scientist: someone with an interest in building new gene


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