Reduced C/EBPβ-LIP Expression Modestly Slows Aging in Mice

There is an unbounded amount of research work that might be performed to investigate methods of modestly slowing aging in mice. Doing no more than exploring the surrounding biochemistry related to mTOR might be enough to occupy most of the researchers capable of this work for a decade. The open access paper I’ll point out today is an example of the type: the authors picked one of the scores of proteins identified as having a closer relationship to mTOR and its biochemistry, and spent several person-years of time and funding learning something about its role.This type of project could easily be multiplied a hundredfold, across dozens of teams, and that would still capture only a fraction of the state space to be explored. Cells are complicated.


The research community will explore all of that state space in the fullness of time. This activity isn’t, however, a cost-effective path towards meaningful therapies that might address aging in humans. That isn’t even the goal of this research, though it is a useful flag to wave from time to time when seeking funding. The primary goal is to map all of mammalian metabolism, to fully understand its operation – knowledge is the motivation of


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