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This post describes the results of an attempt to run a self-experiment using senolytic drug candidates derived from chemotherapeutics. Based on animal study data, these pharmaceuticals are potential means to selectively destroy some fraction of senescent cells in some tissues. This is of interest because the accumulation of senescent cells is one of the root causes of aging. The pharmaceuticals have been tested for the ability to kill senescent cells in mice, and tested in humans for other uses, but as of yet are only just now entering initial human trials to test their ability to replicate the destruction of senescent cells observed in mice. This particular effort at self-experimentation involved a combination of dasatinib, quercetin, and venetoclax, with an outline somewhat close to the suggested approach to self-experimentation that I published not so very long ago.

senolytic drug candidateschemotherapeuticssenescent cellsroot causes of agingentering initial human trialsdasatinibquercetinvenetoclaxsuggested approach to self-experimentation

Setting Expectations

This is a description of a learning experience, rather than of any compelling or interesting data on the efficacy of presently available senolytics in humans. The points to take away are near entirely related to the utility (or lack thereof) of various approaches to gathering data, and our expectations regarding the


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