Research roundup: Muscles from the lab, and more

We know you want to keep up with the relentless march of progress, but sometimes it’s just too relentless. So why not forget all those endlessly scrolling feeds, and instead join us for a bi-weekly concentrated dose of all the most exciting developments in the field of geroscience?

Here’s what’s happened in the last two weeks:

For the first time ever, scientists have transformed a totally different tissue (skin, in this case) into genuine muscle fibers that can contract and respond to external stimuli. How did they succeed where other attempts failed? They grew their reprogrammed cells in a 3D matrix.

They grew their reprogrammed cells in a 3D matrix.

A blood-sugar controlling drug originally developed for diabetes may be able to treat Alzheimer’s, according to results from mouse studies.

may be able to treat Alzheimer’s

Normally, cancers defy the daily rhythms controlling nutrient supply to cells. So what happens if you limit their supply by forcing them to obey the circadian clock? Smaller, less aggressive tumors, naturally.

forcing them

For all of you drinkers out there, a team at Cambridge just watched the toxic byproduct that your body produces when it processes alcohol do its work on the DNA of mice. What they found were broken strands that made


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